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We're a fun school that's serious about learning. You will have many opportunities to communicate throughout the lesson with your teacher and classmates. Your teacher will use a variety of approaches to present and practise language and skills in real-world contexts.

Collaboration and communication

You will work independently, in pairs, or collaboratively in groups depending on what suits the activity and lesson. Our classrooms and learning spaces have been specifically designed to facilitate communication and comfort, and give you variety in your learning.


Lessons are all face-to-face but teachers use the latest digital resources to ensure that your lessons are varied, up-to-date and dynamic.

Continuous Support

Continuous Support
In each 10-week course, every RLA Vietnam student will receive:

  • Ongoing one-on-one support from dedicated Student Advisors, who are able to provide guidance and answer any questions throughout the course.

  • An individual Tutorial with their teacher in every course, ensuring that you receive detailed feedback on your progress, and ideas on how to keep improving.

  • Both continuous and final assessment, to ensure that the final score you achieve is a reflection of what you have learned, not based on only one final test.

  • A Study Report in the final lesson, with updates on what you’ve achieved, and personalised comments from your teacher.